Sampling & Monitoring Instrumentation

Water Samplers

Isco Automatic Water and Wastewater Samplers

Flow Meters

Isco Open Channel Flow Meters and Loggers

Rosemount Magnetic, Coriolis, Differential Pressure, and Vortex Flow Meters

Micronics Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Clamp On BTU Meters for Energy , and Clamp On Doppler Flow Meters

Maid Labs lift station volumetric flow monitoring, advanced motor and pump performance analysis with real time analog output, and data loggers

Sanitary Sewers

Isco Open Channel Flow Meters and Loggers

Isco Automatic Water and Wastewater Samplers

SmartCover Systems

Online Process Monitoring Instrumentation

Rosemount Measurement for online pressure, level, temperature, and flow

Insite IG Optical DO, Suspended Solids, pH and ORP for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Keller America Level and Pressure Measurement

HF scientific Chlorine, Turbidity, and UV Analyzers for the Water Industry

Chemtrac Streaming Current Monitor and Particle Charge Analyzer for coagulant dose control, Disinfectant sensors, and the HydroACT series Analyzer

Handheld Monitoring Instrumentation

Palintest drinking water testing products, wastewater and surface water analysis equipment. Including quick and easy EPA approved sensor kits for free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, lead and copper.  Bench top and handheld photometers, pH, ORP, conductivity, optical DO, and the advanced Wagtech portable water quality laboratory for physics-chemical and microbiological analysis.     

HF scientific Chlorine and Turbidity portable analyzers

Chemtrac Laboratory Charge Analyzers for determining an ideal coagulant dosage needed to achieve optimum NTU and TOC reduction in less than 5 minutes

Insite IG Handheld Optical DO and Suspended Solids Meters for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Water & Wastewater Process Equipment

PRO-Equipment Affordable Quality Wastewater Process Equipment

Headworks Screening, Aeration, Sludge Dewatering & Thickening, Filtration Screw Pumps and Other Process Equipment

Corncob High-pressure, high-velocity, cross flow UF disc membrane systems

Dynamic-membrane filtration systems resulting in lower energy inputs, increased flux rates, and less pretreatment requirements