Teledyne Isco

Teledyne ISCO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rugged, reliable instruments for water and wastewater sampling and monitoring.

​​​LaserFlow Sensors

The only accurate non-contact flow measurement device to read below the surface.

The LaserFlow Ex velocity sensor can be installed in hazardous areas defined as Class 1, Div 1, Zone 0 and ATEX category 1G.

Refrigerated Samplers

Offering portable and full size peristaltic and vacuum pump refrigerated samplers

Isco’s light-weight, transportable, portable refrigerated samplers

ISCO developed the first refrigerated sampler designed for use outdoors without an enclosure, and continues to set the standards for weather and corrosion resistance.

The Isco vacuum pump samplers offer dependable performance in delivering accurate samples at low volumes, while exceeding line velocity requirements at a wide range of head heights

Portable Samplers

All Isco portable samplers are built to withstand harsh environments ​

Portable GLS

Isco portable samplers are of twin-wall construction with foamed-in-place insulation to maximizes structural integrity along with the efficiency of ice used for sample preservation. Sampler controllers are NEMA 4X, 6 (IP67) rating for submersible, watertight, dust-tight, and corrosion resistant service.

Signature Flow Meter

The flexible, configurable flow meter for permanent discharge compliance monitoring

The Signature flow meter is designed for open channel flow monitoring applications. It supports flow measurement technologies including bubbler, non-contact laser area velocity, submerged Doppler ultrasonic area velocity, and ultrasonic.

Teledyne Isco Water & Wastewater Software and Firmware Updates

Isco Open Channel Flow Measurement Handbook

Online access to the Isco Open Channel Flow Handbook

Isco FlowCalc App available from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Isco Online Store

Isco Water and Wastewater Manuals

Isco Water and Wastewater Application Notes

Isco YouTube Channel – Includes How To Videos and previous webinars