TE Connectivity

Water Level Sensors & Transducers

KPSI and TruBlue

Water Level Sensors

Measurements in gauge, sealed, and absolute, pressure types for pressures from 1 to 3,015 PSI. Available with analog or digital outputs in standard to custom design. Options available for hazardous locations, lightning protection, data logging, temperature, conductivity and small diameters.

KPSI 501

The KPSI 501 is designed and tuned to meet stringent USGS OSW specifications of ±0.01 Ft. H2O

Accuracy for 0-15 psi and 0-22 psi ranges meets USGS OSW requirements

SDI-12 and RS-485 serial-digital interface

KPSI 750

The KPSI 750 submersible wastewater level sensor with flush diaphragm is specifically designed to meet the rigorous environments encountered in a slurry or highly viscous applications.

+/- 0.25% Standard Accuracy, FS

Lift station monitoring

TruBlue Level Logger

TruBlue 555 vented level data logger combines precision, performance, and rugged reliability in a battery powered package.

Accuracy: ± .05% TEB
Output: RS-485 with SDI-12 Protocol, SDI-12

Configuring KPSI Liquid Level Transducer Part Numbers