SmartCover systems equips wastewater workers with the right tools to protect the things that matter most.

Smart Cover systems gathers and analyzes sewer data, delivering timely notifications for response teams to protect communities across North America. The system installs without confined space entry and has a range of solution versatility including: SSO prevention, cleaning optimization, I&I impact, CSO management, storm and surface water monitoring, H2S monitoring, and entry detection. Data transmission is satellite based, making it ideal for remote topography and impervious to power or cell outages during severe weather.

Since 2005, SmartCover has prevented thousands of sewer spills and saved millions of dollars for utilities across North America. Learn more at


To protect our communities and ensure regulatory compliance, SmartCover engineered low burden, high-value, data-driven solutions in the areas of:

Case Studies

From lift station failures to regulatory compliance, SmartCover’s real-time sewer monitoring solutions are not only eliminating spills, the systems simplify the way managers schedule their cleaning schedule, spot I & I, back up lift stations, detect H2S, and positively impact their capital improvement planning. Case studies that describe how SmartCover got it covered.

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