Micrometrix has introduced innovative sensor technologies for measurement and control of water and wastewater treatment processes. The company’s products include the Streaming Current Monitor and Particle Charge Analyzer for coagulant dose control. Micrometrix is a leading supplier of SCD / SCM instruments and specializes in Streaming Current Detectors and Charge Measurement.

SCM-1 Streaming Current Monitor

Streaming Current Monitors / Detectors (i.e. SCM/SCD) have demonstrated the ability to optimize coagulant dosing and prevent plant upsets.

Benefits include:

  • Chemical Savings
  • Maintain Water Quality
  • Overdose Protection
  • Feedback Control
  • Optimize Treatment

Particle Charge Analyzer

The Particle Charge Analyzer is a portable lab instrument that is used to determine optimum chemical dosage in water, wastewater and industrial processes.

Water Treatment Controller W600

A multichannel universal controller that can accept multiple signals from the SCM as well as other sensor types.

Streaming Current Frequently Asked Questions