Maid Labs

Maid Labs Technologies offers advanced motor and pump performance analysis, volumetric flow meters with real time analog output, and data loggers to monitor level, pressure, and CSO/SSO applications. The MaidMaps web server has been created by Maid Labs to display your data in real time, and create reports that are easily accessible and easy to read.

Pump Station Monitor

The Volucalc RT is the best wastewater pump station monitoring solution for up to 4 pumps.

Volucalc RT using the most advanced volumetric flow algorithm ever patented to calculate the flow in and out of lift stations with 99% accuracy. For variable and constant speed pumps.

Open Channel Flow Meter

Cellular Wireless or Non-Wireless models available

FlowMaid is a small open channel flow meter used to record level, volume and discrete events. Data is downloaded to a USB key or MaidMaps. No software required to produce reports. MaidMaps can activate a remote relay and display readings.

Softmaid Software

SoftMaid™ is the only Software designed specifically to analyze all Municipal and industrial data related to Wastewater pump stations in order to automatically discover and highlight abnormal behaviors before they become emergencies.

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