Insite Instrumentation Group

For over 18 years InsiteIG has been providing instrumentation to monitor and control dissolved oxygen (DO), suspended solids (SS), pH, and ORP. InsiteIG produces analyzers that are easy to setup and program, along with sensors that are accurate, reliable, and durable. InsiteIG backs it up with friendly, US based, free technical support. They will even evaluate any InsiteIG product at their factory at no charge. Quality products with great customer support.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Optical fluorescent technology provides increased dependability with no sensor caps, no routine calibration and no need for flow

The Model 10 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor incorporates optical fluorescent technology, solid state electronics, and a unique side mount element.


Multi-Channel Analyzer
DO, SS, pH, and ORP

The InsiteIG MPA48 is a unique system that accept any combination of 1 to 8 standard InsiteIG sensors (DO, SS, pH, or ORP), and automatically configure for the correct operation.

20 Series Wireless

The 20 Series System will support wireless communications with up to 16 probes in any combination.


InsiteIG Portable Meter
DO, SS, pH, and ORP

The InsiteIG Portable Meter will accept any standard portable DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensor and will automatically configure itself for the correct operation. The quick-disconnect, mil-spec connectors allow for quick sensor swaps. The meter includes a 250 point data logger that records sensor type, sensor reading, date, time, and location. The included Portalog software offers several sort options to customize the downloading and reporting of collected data. The rechargeable batteries allow for 8+ hours of use between charges.

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