HF Scientific

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Water Quality Measurement Solutions. Online turbidity, free and total chlorine, and UV analyzers


Accurate, easy-to-calibrate online turbidity monitoring solution with a low cost of ownership

The MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter has been specifically designed to meet regulations of EPA 180.1 and ISO 7027


DPD free and total chlorine analyzer

Unattended operation and low chemical usage equates to low operating cost

Portable Test Kits

Packaged test kits in self contained, rugged carrying case, and has everything needed for measuring

Free or Total Chlorine

Chlorine Dioxide


J.A.W. Reagent Kit

The HF scientific J.A.W. (just add water) Chlorine Reagent Kits have been specifically formulated for use in the CLX Chlorine Monitor. Specific advantages of JAW over current pre-mixed reagents are savings on shipping weight, no chance of freezing making storage more convenient and an extended shelf life of 5 years (before being mixed with DPD).