Chemtrac, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of process monitoring and control instruments used in water, wastewater, and other industrial processes.

Streaming Current Sensor Duratrac 4

The DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor with the HydroACT Analyzer is Chemtrac’s most reliable and accurate Streaming Current Monitor, providing unique and versatile capabilities for optimizing coagulant or polymer dosing.

HydroACT Multiparameter Analyzer

The Analyzers that offers a wide range of customizable capabilities to suit any user’s requirements: from a basic analyzer with a single sensor and analog output to a more comprehensive solution consisting of a controller with multiple sensors, several chemical feed control outputs, and digital communications (Modbus or PROFIBUS)

Laboratory Charge Analyzers

The Laboratory Charge Analyzer (LCA) is an essential coagulation optimization tool for the water treatment professional. The LCA allows the user to determine an ideal coagulant dosage needed to achieve optimum NTU and TOC reduction in less than 5 minutes.

Chemtrac videos

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