Teledyne Isco

Isco offers a broad portfolio includes portable, refrigerated, portable refrigerated, and specialty samplers including samplers for specialized applications such as hazardous locations.  Isco also offers plug and play modules and other sampler accessories for stormwater, industrial, and plant sampling systems. 

isco now features the
non-contact velocity sensor and the Signature
compliance monitoring flow meter

Advanced laser Doppler technology for non-contacting area velocity flow measurement

Isco realizes that no single measurement technology is suitable for all open channel flow monitoring.  Isco offers you a choice of ultrasonic, submerged probe, bubbler, and area velocity flow meters.  Whether you need a permanent meter for a flume or weir, short term measurement with no primary device, or flow and pump performance monitoring at a lift station, Isco has the solution.

Isco's newest flow monitoring products include the Signature® and LaserFlow non-contact velocity sensor.  

The Signature® flow meter is a flexible, configurable flow meter.  It supports multiple  and simataneous flow measurement technologies including ultrasonic, bubbler, submerged ultrasonic area velocity, and non-contacting laser Doppler area velocity.  With multiple smart interface options and multi-parameter logging (such as pH), the Signature flow meter provides a common platform for control action, reporting, and communication. 

The LaserFlow remotely measures flow in open channels with non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity technology.  This non-contact sensor penetrates the water with laser technology to measure velocity at multiple subsurface points.

Open Channel Flow Handbook and Discharge Tables

Water monitoring professionals rely on the Teledyne Isco Open Channel Flow Measurement Handbook, first published in 1979.  Teledyne Isco is proud to announce that this trusted resource is now available in convenient formats for the office, plant, or on the go.  You no longer need to carry a 500+ page book with you.

Flow Handbook Website

The complete handbook is now available online and can be viewed from your desktop PC, tablet, or smart phone's web browser. 

 Discharge Tables

Teledyne Isco recommends our Isco FlowCalc app.  With this app, you simply enter the head height and the app converts the flow rate for you. You'll also find many other convenient features over the printed discharge tables, such as:

  • Entering measurements in feet or meters (Android adds inch and millimeter options)
  • Saving your favorite sites
  • Mapping your favorite sites