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Your best source for pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement instrumentation.  Rosemount is the undisputed leader of industrial instrumentation, product offering includes a complete line of pressure, temperature, flow, level, and safety measurement instrumentation.  Rosemount devices are specified more often than any other brand of process instrumentation.

Pressure  Rosemount provides the broadest array of pressure measurement products for pressure, flow and level applications. 


With a 15-year warranty the 3051S Coplanar pressure transmitter is the no-equal solution for pressure, flow and level measurements.  This scalable platform seamlessly integrates with manifolds, primary elements and seal solutions and optimizes performance for accurate differential, gage and absolute pressure measurements. 

Temperature  Emerson delivers factory-tested, ready-to-install temperature assemblies.

Level  Rosemount's product offering including - non-contacting radar, guided wave radar, ultrasonic, differential pressure, magnetic level indicatorsvibrating fork level switches, and Solids Measurement - covers a wide range of level measurement and control technologies to fulfill easy and demanding applications.

Wireless  Rosemount Wireless instrumentation utilizes self-organizing networks to ensure that your measurement information will always be available. Self-organizing networks automatically optimize connectivity to achieve greater than 99% data reliability.

Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge


The Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge is designed with proven sensor technology to help you reduce maintenance, improve safety and deliver process data via a WirelessHART® network. 

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