The s::scan sensor portfolio is growing and covers a total of almost 30 different water quality parameters.

s::can is the world technology leader for submersible online UV-Vis spectrometer probes and provides monitoring systems and software for municipal and industrial water and wastewater and environmental applications.

All s::can ISE probes are ion-selective multi-parameter probes that can measure multiple water quality parameters continuously (on-line) and directly in the water without the need for complex and maintenance intensive sample pre-treatment.

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s::can sensors can be operated according to the "plug & measure" principle. With a simple plug connection providing power supply and data communication, the s::can sensors are connected to an s::can terminal and are ready for use. All s::can sensors are pre-calibrated ex works and do not require any conditioning - all can be used continuously (on-line) and directly in the water (in situ). The "plug & measure" principle avoids complex installation procedures on site and thus does not only save time during initial operation, but also reduces avoidable errors.

With the con::cube, s::can has established a standard for industrial process control terminals. Via a large color display and a touch panel it allows menu-driven, user-friendly communication with all s::can sensors and basically any other digital (RS485) or 4-20 mA sensor of different make, as well as the operation of distributed systems, either via telephone, radio, GSM, or GPRS telemetry: all available in one terminal. The “con::lyte”, a compact terminal for less demanding applications and smaller budgets.


Data Validation

vali::tool automatically detects, marks and (optionally) corrects untrustworthy data, not by using mean average - it detects outliers, noise and checks for discontinuous data. It ensures only high quality data are fed into the event detection module. It also provides the user with indications on sensor maintenance requirements, as well as automatic detection of malfunctions.