InsiteIG provides water and wastewater quality analyzers and sensors for dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, pH, and ORP.  Insite Instrumentation Group, Inc. was formed in 2001, in response to the growing need for an instrumentation manufacturer that was solely focused on the needs of the water and wastewater industry (WWTP).

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors - The Model 10 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor incorporates optical fluorescent technology, solid state electronics, and a unique side mount element.

The NEW InsiteIG 20 Series Wireless System is comprised of a Process Transmitter, Sensor Transmitters, DO Probes, SS Probes, and pH/ORP Probes.

The 20 Series System will support wireless communications with up to 16 probes in any combination. The system is designed for flexibility with economical process monitoring and control.

  • InsiteIG optical fluorescent technology provides increased dependability, no routine calibration and no need for flow, because there is no oxygen consumption.
    • The solid state electronics means no membranes, no fill solutions, and reliable digital communications up to 2000ft.
    • Side mount element increases impact protection and facilitates the integrated jet clean.
    • 5-year Warranty Sensor

Suspended Solids Sensors - The Model 15 Suspended Solids Sensor incorporates near infrared technology, solid state electronics, and custom geometry.

  • Near infrared technology provides increased dependability of the reading when color changes in the solids occur.
  • Solid state electronics increases consistency of the reading and reliable digital communications up to 2000 ft.
  • Custom geometry optimizes the sensor for its measurement range and facilitates the integrated jet clean.

InsiteIG Instructional Videos