HF scientific

HF scientific is a quality innovator of instrumentation focused on the measurement of clean water. Their original involvement was in water-quality monitoring specialized in online and portable Turbidity measurements.  After more than three decades, their product line has expanded to include devices for monitoring other parameters such as Residual Chlorine, Streaming Current, UV%Transmission, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, pH, Ozone and Conductivity.

 HF scientific offers a comprehensive line of on-line continuous monitoring instruments as well as instrumentation for laboratory and field use.

MicroTOL Online Turbidimeter

CLX OnLine DPD Residual Chlorine Monitor

MicroTSCM Streaming Current Monitor

AccUView UV %Transmission Analyzer

AdvantEDGE Series Measurement Electrodes

Amperometric Chlorine Monitoring System (no chemicals)